Terra Livre - Cooperativas de Assentados da Reforma Agrária e Agricultores Familiares

Grupo Portfolio Rice


COOPAN – Cooperativa de Produção Agropecuária de Nova Santa Rita Ltda. located in the Capela Settlement in Nova Santa Rita, in Rio Grande do Sul, it had its construction from the time of the camps (from 1989 to 1994) until…


The Cooperative of Commercialization and Agrarian Reform Avante(COANA) has as its main objective to attend the associates to ensure a sustainable way for the perpetuation of its own values, which are: profitability, quality, accountability, ethic and transparency. Established on December…


Located in the Hugo Chávez Settlement/Lagoa do Junco, Tapes-RS, and founded in 1998, COOPAT’s mission is to provide quality food for school meals, social programs and local markets. For Coopat, the dimension of cooperation goes beyond the social relations of…


Created by 218 settled farmers in November 1995, the Cooperativa de Trabalhadores Settled de Porto Alegre (COOTAP) has the mission of valuing the work and production of its members so that they can have the best living conditions in the…

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